Is Diabetes Here To Stay?

In the US there are over 30 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes in 2015. A further 84 million are prediabetic. Diabetes raises the blood glucose level, due to the body creating insufficient insulin. With insufficient insulin to allow glucose to power the body’s cells, complications occur due to glucose buildup.

Walk Away From Diabetes | Weight Loss

A surprising solution to diabetes

Over the decades, diabetes has been considered incurable. Medicines like Metformin and insulin delays and manages the effects. Diabetics deal with the possibility of strokes, limb amputations, blindness, and even death. Now, evidence indicates weight loss reduces the and even cure Type 2 diabetes.

The proof is in the research

Increasing data supports weight loss to reverse Type 2 diabetes. For instance, researchers compared diabetic subjects undergoing gastric bypass surgery only to diabetics treated with medicine only. The weight loss surgery had more success in resolving Type 2 diabetes than patients with medicine.

Does a natural approach to weight loss work?

Weight loss through conventional means works too! Researchers found a reduced diet and the resulting weight loss extremely effective. Weight loss normalized insulin levels in the patients tested, reversing the disease. The results lead to an important question. How can diabetics use weight loss to beat Diabetes?

The healing properties of a proper diet

A proper diet for diabetic patients is essential. Foods high in fiber, and have a low glycemic index contribute to weight loss. The correct foods also balance insulin levels. In contrast, high carb foods and sugars wreck insulin. The best place to start? Reduce or eliminate bread, pasta, soda, alcohol, and sweets. Furthermore, consult a dietician or specialist for a personalized diet plan.

The hidden power of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting involves restricting calorie intake within a particular time-frame. The idea is to use excess glucose and regulate insulin levels, resulting in weight loss. Specialists dispute the effectiveness of fasting on diabetes, citing little research. Yet the small studies done so far has had excellent results.

Embracing the burn

Adopting an exercise regimen reduces weight, lowers blood pressure and strengthens joints. But exercising also helps regulate blood sugar, necessary for diabetes remission. Talk to a doctor to devise a safe regimen and monitor blood sugar before starting. In the meantime, start with a brisk walk. A great way to walk away from diabetes!

Walking away starts today

The success of weight loss and diabetes looks promising. The higher the weight loss, the higher the percentages of remission. However, diabetes is a matter of numbers. So regaining weight means patients can become diabetic again. A proper diet, exercise, and weight management become a permanent lifestyle change. A reasonable cost to be diabetes free!