Center for Family Medicine is proud to have a compassionate team of family practice physicians serving the Sherman-Denison and surrounding area.

Advanced Practice Providers

Center for Family Medicine has a team of well-established advanced practice providers available to serve your entire family’s needs.

Katie Boatner, P.A.

Katie Boatner, PA

Lacie Mitchell, P.A

Lacie Mitchell, PA

Jeanne Reinert, NP

Jeanne Reinert, NP

Karen Young NP

Karen Young, NP

Lily Moreno, PA

Lilly Moreno, PA

Deaun Handlang, NP

Deaun Handlang, NP

Center for Family Medicine Team

Our primary care team is comprised of 12 providers including six family practice physicians and five advanced practice providers. We have been serving the Sherman-Denison community for almost 30 years.

Center for Family Medicine - Primary Care Physicians

Our Primary Care Team

  • Top Row – Left to Right
    • Bradley G. Hodge, MD
    • Ronald A. Woods Jr., MD
    • John E. Kenworthy, DO
  • Bottom Row – Left to Right
    • Jasyn H. Haney, MD
    • Helen A. Schulze, MD
    • Christian A. Cooper, MD
Center for Family Medicine - Advanced Practice Providers

Our Advanced Practice Providers

  • Left to Right
    • Lacie Mitchell, P.A.
    • Karen Young, N.P.
    • Katie Boatner, P.A.
    • Deaun Handlang, N.P.
    • Lillian Moreno, P.A.
    • Jeanne Reinert, N.P.