Pounds Be Gone!

Many people find dropping weight and keeping the pounds off is easier said than done. Close to 40% of Americans are considered overweight. The environment, processed foods, and poor lifestyles make weight loss increasingly difficult. There are several reasons why someone would want to lose fat faster than usual. The reason could be medical or to get into a new suit or dress. By making one or all of these 4 lifestyle changes, those pesky pounds may melt off faster than expected.

center for family medicine 4 Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight Faster

1. Drink more water

Daily water intake is excellent for health and wellness. However, many Americans don’t consume the suggested daily amounts. Increasing water intake can help with quick weight loss. When less water gets absorbed, the body naturally retains water, increasing weight. Drinking water daily helps detoxify the body and improve metabolism. The daily supply of water, especially with meals, helps people feel fuller for longer. Build a water drinking habit and ensure to drink even more water with an exercise routine.

2. Avoid this sweet addiction

The source of weight gain should not be blamed on carbs and fats. The real nemesis is sugar. Most foods contain sugar, which is essentially a carbohydrate. Eating bread, snacks, and sweets quickly add to the waistline. Add sugary drinks and fruit juices, and sugar becomes highly addictive. Try replacing sugary drinks and snacks with sugar-free options. Also, opt for a plant-based diet, which has been proven to help reduce weight quickly.

3. Better sleep, lower weight

Over the last decade, sleep has become a nuisance rather than a necessity. However, research suggests proper sleep can help with weight loss. Over 35% of adults get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep nightly. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, which can cause weight gain. This hormone plays a part in blood pressure and blood sugar. Cortisol also manages the effective use of food in the body. Poor sleep also means more time to make bad decisions, like consume snacks and alcohol. Make quality sleep a priority and watch the weight fall off.

4. A stress-free path to weight loss

Who wouldn’t love a nice piece of chocolate cake after a stressful day? The pressures of work and life can spike stress levels. Increased stress can cause both psychological and hormonal triggers. And while some experience weight loss, most persons get significant weight gain. Stress can also perpetuate the lifestyle habits that cause weight gain. This includes less water intake, lower exercise, and missing meals. Find innovative ways to remove stress triggers professionally and personally. From there, focus on stress-relieving activities like meditation, journaling, and exercise.

Stay consistent, but be patient.

While losing weight faster is possible, the speed is purely relative. Weight loss will take time. Unwanted pounds took several months and years to accumulate. Committing to lifestyle changes and patience will bring more results than any fad diet. Speak with a doctor for a full assessment of weight, lifestyle, and overall health. From there, the doctor can recommend the right changes to match weight loss goals.