Time For The Talk: Discussing Contraceptives With Teens

Many parents have difficulty talking to teens about birth control. But discussing this topic is important both for teens and parents. Discussing birth control does not mean that parents are giving teens permission to have sex, but that parents are educating teens in methods of safe sex. Research shows that parents who talk to teens about contraception and pregnancy have children who have sex at a later age and are more likely to use birth control.

Birth Control: When To Talk To Your Children

When to talk to teens about sex

The best time to have the discussion is whenever a teen asks about sex. The conversation does not have to turn into a long lecture. Discussing sex should be broken down into manageable topics such as teen pregnancy, family values, and methods of birth control. Teenagers today have an abundance of birth control options. From condoms to pills to IUDs, there are a number of different contraceptives appropriate for each situation.

Types of birth control

While many schools may teach that abstinence is the preferred method of birth control, teenagers should be educated on the options that are available. In addition, some birth control methods will be helpful for female teenagers and hormonal imbalances that cause acne and irregular periods. With the multitude of options available, there will be a solution for every person’s needs.

Topics to talk about

Sexual health and safety are important topics to discuss with teens. Stressing the importance of birth control to prevent unwanted teen pregnancy should be a priority. Using proper protection will help prevent STDs and STIs. Not all questions can be answered straight away, which is a great time to consult a physician.

Stay calm and carry on

Whatever topics or questions arise when talking to teens about birth control, parents should stay calm and answer honestly. If teenagers have questions, scheduling a check-up is a great time to discuss birth control. Parents who are having difficulty talking to teens about birth control can consult extra resources and ask a family healthcare provider for advice.