Why Does Testosterone Matter?

Testosterone is the most critical hormone in men, considered a male’s life force. Men produce the hormone in the testicles. Without the right amount of T, males can’t mature during puberty. Testosterone is also the cornerstone of sperm production. This crucial hormone also affects other health and lifestyle factors.

center for family medicine 4 Signs Of Low Testosterone In Men Over 50

Is T too low?

Testosterone is marked in nanograms per deciliter of blood or ng/dL. A score below 300 is considered low testosterone or male hypogonadism. Doctors expect a slow, gradual decline in the hormone with age. Men over 50, in particular, can expect to lose 0.4% of testosterone production yearly. Men over 80 will see a notable dip. Yet, 4 signs show men over 50 may have a problem.

1. Are you feeling a bit tired?

Testosterone is critical for overall vitality and energy. Men with lower levels tend to experience bouts of fatigue. Reduced energy levels happen even after a good night’s rest or a nap. For men, testosterone plays a part in energy production, including converting food to energy. While being tired is natural, the drop should not inhibit the quality of life.

2. Reduced sexual function

Men need testosterone for sperm production. However, the hormone is critical for the overall sexual function, which includes sex drive and erectile function. Other environmental and social factors affect sex drive, even with normal hormone levels. However, there are times when testosterone can be low, and men are affected regardless. Men over 50 who feel a lack of interest in sex or have difficulty maintaining erections should consider medical help.

3. Where’s my hair?

Experiencing some thinning hair lately? Hair loss can be hereditary. But there is a connection between hair growth and testosterone. Testosterone can help create the androgen DHT, which binds to hair follicles. As a result of low testosterone, these follicles become weaker, causing thinning hair. DHT helps with hair growth in men, mainly on the chest and back.

4. Feeling a bit blue

As many as 9% of American men have depression. Testosterone plays an essential part in a man’s vitality. The hormone helps with mood, confidence, and motivation. Since hormone levels drop after 50, men are more likely to have crummy moods. However, continuous bouts of malaise may be due to low testosterone levels. Scientists are still working to find a proven connection. There have been studies that show some positive signs. Regardless, don’t hesitate to seek help for the condition.

It’s time to talk to a doctor

With low testosterone, men will notice considerable changes in the body, energy, and sexual function. At age 50 and over, things will slow down. However, the dip should not severely reduce the quality of life. Speak with a doctor immediately for any alarming signs of low testosterone.