Go For 10!

There’s a new 10-a-day craze happening. New research states a total of 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day is best for optimal health and wellness. Less than 12% of adults get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables for a healthy body. And that’s at the previously recommended 5 cups a day. Most will agree that 10 servings sound crazy without going vegan, especially with so little Americans getting half. But the benefits far outweigh the effort. And there are some creative ways to get the recommended amount.

Center for family medicine The Health Benefits of Eating 10 Servings Of Fruits Veggies Per Day

Curbing cardiovascular issues

Over 800,000 deaths happen due to heart attacks and strokes. Persons at risk must keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check. Vegetables and fruits provide the fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed to prevent cardiovascular disease. Research estimates over 1.5 million additional deaths due to inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption.

Ditching the diabetes

Diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, continues to be a dangerous disease. Fruits and veggies can reduce the chances of diabetes significantly. Many fruits and vegetables have a low glycemic index. Eating 10 servings can prevent persons from becoming one of the 40,000 diagnosed yearly.

Cut out the cancer

Can greens help with cancer? The research showed a possible 14% reduction in cancers. Persons eating 7 or more servings of greens and fruits had a reduced chance of cancer. This compared to those consuming less than 5 servings.

Got a great gut

Research also noticed eating 10 servings can improve gastrointestinal health. Gut health issues range from ulcers, heartburn, celiac disease, and IBS. Persons consuming more fruits and vegetables also lost more weight. These persons also had a lower BMI. To get the full benefits, avoid fruits and vegetables high in starch. These can reverse the effects of lower weight and digestive health.

Getting it in

Jumping from 5 servings to 10 is no small feat. Doubling servings requires some creativity. For starters, add fruits and vegetables to every meal, especially breakfast. Soups and stews are great options, as these meals can be packed with extra servings. Try more frozen fruit and veggies, opting for shakes and smoothies. By being consistent and mindful, anyone can get the full benefits.

Try 10 life-saving servings today

Most doctors and dietitians agree that fruits and vegetables are the keys to excellent health. And the more, the merrier. Getting 10 servings sounds like a huge task. But anyone consistently eating 10 servings has a reduced risk of diabetes, cancer, and CVD. And that sounds like a great choice.