Similar Exams For Different Reasons

A company physical and annual exam are similar check-up appointments to evaluate a person’s overall health. A company may request a physical exam to test an employee’s ability to perform job-related functions. These exams are job function specific. Annual exams are performed at the request of the patient or doctor and review total body health.

What Is The Difference Between A Company Physical and an Annual Exam?

What is a company physical?

A company physical is a medical screening done to test an employee’s ability to carry out specific job functions. The company physical is more commonly known as a pre-employment exam. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a company cannot ask an employee to undergo a medical exam before extending an offer. Once a conditional offer has been given, the employer can then request the employee to undergo a pre-employment screening. The screening is only meant to determine if the potential employee can carry out the physical requirements of the job. Under the ADA, an employer is not allowed to ask disability-related questions until the applicant has accepted the job.

Types of pre-employment exams

The two main types of pre-employment exams are screenings for drugs and alcohol and testing for physical ability. Drug and alcohol screenings will likely include urine, hair follicle, or saliva tests. Physical ability testing may include stamina, flexibility, and strength tests as well as psychological endurance. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, and even asthma are protected under the ADA. An employee cannot be discriminated against for any of these conditions.

What is an annual exam?

Annual exams are performed to keep an individual healthy. Annual exams review family history, vitals, heart and lung health, as well as a full physical check. During the head and neck portion of the exam, the doctor will check the eyes, ears, nose, throat, and thyroids. During the abdominal portion, the doctor will feel for tenderness and listen for bowel sounds. Neurological exams may be performed to determine balance, reflexes, and muscle strength. Neurological exams are common as patients get older. The doctor will also examine the skin for any dermatological problems.

There are also male specific and female specific exams. Male testing includes testicular and prostate exams. Females will undergo breast and pelvic exams. Both males and females will undergo a visual and blood test for STDs.

Preventing health concerns

Annuals exams are part of preventative medicine. The goal of annual exams is to make sure the body is working properly and to stay on top of any medical condition which might cause problems. Prevention works to ensure a happier and healthier future.

How are the two exams different?

Both company physicals and annual exams check the overall health of an individual. The difference lies in the depth of the assessment. Company medical exams are designed to see if an employee can perform job-specific tasks. The exams are not meant to be in-depth. Annual exams are designed to be in-depth full body reviews. Doctors will examine all the major functions of the body, both physical and mental.

Schedule your annual exam

Any exam that reviews a patient’s well-being is good. Annual exams are a great way for individuals to check in with a healthcare provider and make sure the body is functioning well. Patients who haven’t yet had an annual exam can schedule one with a primary care provider.