What’s The First Step In Family Planning?

Speaking to a doctor before conception is a good idea for couples planning a family. It is recommended to schedule a meeting with a gynecologist/obstetrics doctor to address any questions or concerns related to pregnancy and fertility. It’s important to note that not all gynecologists are well-versed in obstetrics, so couples should ask for a referral to an obstetrician if this is the case.

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Why should we speak to a doctor?

Talking to a doctor prior to conception can help couples be proactive about pregnancy. During this time, couples can ask doctors various questions and address issues before these issues become significant problems in the future. One of these issues is infertility. Many people do not know about infertility until couples try to conceive and have difficulty getting pregnant. Consulting with a doctor before conception can help couples get the necessary tests to identify any infertility issues.

What are some questions I can ask my doctor about conceiving?

When consulting a physician about pregnancy, bring up any concerns about health conditions and birth control. Certain health conditions like endometriosis can make pregnancy difficult. Patients can also ask the doctor about stopping birth control. Birth control disrupts the body’s hormonal cycle, and it may take months or years for the body’s hormones to regulate. Patients should also speak to the doctor about menstrual cycles, medications, diet/lifestyle changes, medical problems, and family medical history.

What type of appointment should I schedule with a physician?

Consider scheduling a preconception check-up to discuss concerns with an obstetrician or gynecologist. This visit should be a sit-down discussion, so don’t try to fit in the conversation during a physical exam. Book this consultation separately. Patients should also write down a list of questions or topics to cover during the visit. The doctor can also refer you to fertility specialists and assist couples in scheduling genetic testing, blood testing, or hormone testing. It is a good idea for patients to bring a partner along for the discussion. Both parties can ask questions and learn more about the pregnancy process, which can make things easier.

When should I have this discussion with a doctor?

Patients should schedule a preconception check-up or consultation a few months before trying to conceive. It is highly recommended if 35 years or older as susceptibility for fertility issues due to age increases. Talking to a doctor beforehand can jumpstart the conception process and help the couple to develop a timeline to conceive. For more information, schedule a sit-down with an OB/GYN.