I Keep Getting UTIs, What Do I Do?

In the United States, 8-10 million doctor visits yearly are for urinary tract infection (UTI). Impacting the bladder, urethra, and kidneys, urinary tract infections occur when outside bacteria infect the urinary system. Causing inflammation, discomfort, and many other common symptoms, UTIs most commonly occur in specific populations such as women, older adults, and children. To bust symptoms and avoid future infections, many doctors suggest complementing prescribed antibiotics with plenty of fluids, a commitment to good hygiene, and heat therapy.

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Drink up

Before visiting the doctor to treat an infection with antibiotics, many patients ease symptoms by drinking lots of fluids. Plenty of water helps dilute tainted urine and flush out potentially harmful bacteria. Initial research suggests supplementing water with cranberry juice can help fight infections and remove toxins. Avoiding irritants is another way to find relief. Liquids such as coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks containing citrus juices or caffeine can worsen the frequent urge to urinate and further irritate the bladder.

Safe and squeaky clean

Some healthcare practitioners suggest a simple shift in a simple approach to hygiene to minimize the risk of frequent infections. In addition to urinating before and after sex, patients should take showers instead of baths and avoid using scented products in the genital area. Feminine deodorant can impact PH balance, leading to infections. Since a urethra is relatively short, E. coli bacteria can quickly move into the body. To avoid infection, experts suggest changing pads and tampons frequently during periods and maintaining a high level of hygiene.

It’s getting hot in here

When hygiene and fluids fail, infection happens. By applying heat therapy, patients can ease discomfort. Placing a heating pad on the stomach minimizes bladder pressure and potential pain. Harmful bacteria cause urinary tract infections, and antibiotics reset the balance. While undergoing treatment, heat therapy is vital in managing symptoms while minimizing the need for other medication.

Living UTI free

While UTIs can be painful and uncomfortable, patients can minimize future infections with good hygiene and plenty of liquids. When infections happen, less severe symptoms can often be managed with heat therapy. Although antibiotics are needed for more severe urinary infections, over-the-counter medications can help the flush body toxins and heal fully.